Autobiographical Poems

1 Mother

2 The Countryside

3 Her Old Man Drives Me Home

4 My Despair

5 Paper Love

6 My Body

7 Somehow their old lady heads

8 Insomnia

Nightmares are another thing

10 A Prose Memory / Mother

11 Waiting Room (Your Gorky)

12 Sorry, Catherine Weaver is not available

13 #Resolutions2020

14 Daily

Mean Love

This series was written mostly while I was in my early twenties with some few written or re-worked later. However, You Out There Still  is so re-worked that it is entirely new.

1 You Out There Still

2 To her Beauty

3 Rebound

Humans I Have Known & Witnessed

1 Busker


3 Man With A Poodle Umbrella

4 Ponte Vecchio

5 My Friend Who Looks For Love

6 Dusty Moon

7 Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide


1 Fade to Dissolve

2 A Crush on My Swim Instructor

3 Focus

4 Fly


1 Best of All Possible Fuck Me

2 Sick a Dancin’ (a song)

3 Subjectivity

4 The Roof Falls on My Head


1 Winged Victory

2 St Francis

3 Deadly Bile

4 Intimations of Mortality


1 Training the Animals

2 Umbrellas

3 The Plasticity of the Songbird’s Brain

4 Subjectivity

5 How Magic Works

6 In Hospital

Short Stories

1 Calling Clare

2 The Great Man T-Shirt (Very unfinished)

3 The Catwalk (unfinished)

4 No Fixing That (Edits TK?)

5 Humans Are People Too

6 Mr. Bleany (unfinished)

7 Stores About Some People

The Weekly Wednesdays Short Story Challenge


1 The Annoying Afternoon Therapy Session by Cat Weaver

2 Third Wheel by David Kaplan


1 The Past is Blind by Cat Weaver

2 Available Upon Request 😉
by David Kaplan


1 It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Follows You Home by Cat Weaver

2 That Old Political Machine
by David Kaplan


1 Sirus is Dead and I’m for Sale by Cat Weaver

2 Career Day by David Kaplan


1 No One Ever Says That to a Poet by Cat Weaver

2 Politics is War by Other Means by David Kaplan


1 Flaming Sock Puppets by Cat Weaver

2 Help Me, I’m Smart by David Kaplan


1 Chasing Insomnia by Cat Weaver

2 Lucky Strike by David Kaplan


1 The Murdering Sort by Cat Weaver

2 Accusing Paramesium by David Kaplan


1 Sartorial Coma by Cat Weaver

2 A Good Rye is Hard to Find by David Kaplan

1/28/2021 [a Thursday!]
(Making up for 1/27/2020)

1 Touch by Cat Weaver

1/31/2021 [a SUNDAY!]
(Making up for 1/27/2020)

1 Something About Ghosts by David Kaplan


1 Womb by Cat Weaver

1/8/2021 (Making up for 2/3/2021

2 Hippies Wouldn’t Hang That by David Kaplan


1 Outside Looking In by Cat Weaver

2 His Favorite Table by David Kaplan


1 The Slow Life of a Pine by Cat Weaver

2 Yankee Fury Meets Old Dominion by David Kaplan


1 Pass/Fail Music Appreciation Class by Cat Weaver

2 The Theory of Cartoon Physics and Applied Fatherhood by David Kaplan


1 The Story of Some Guy by Cat Weaver

2 TK by David Kaplan

Literary Studies

1 DesEssientes’ Manservant

2 Herbert Jumped the Masthead Finally


1 #dimerick

Moth (a novella in poems)

Camera Man: Portrait of Himself (a novella in poems)

Philip’s Hedgehog (a poetic biography of Philip Larkin)


1 Singing How to Hump a Cow by ee cummings