How Magic Works

Mapping. In a word.
How  a language is a map with a peculiar tint and tenor
making and giving and accidentally dropping new meaning.
And how a tarot deck is a miniature language
the way an encryption program might be: how it condenses meaning and maps it anew.

How runes are like the tarot and spells are like horoscopes which are like runes and like the tarot: networks of keys that sparkle in the electric networks of your poor little brain.
And how these are the ways to peep at your world through new windows.
Or to pry in between grudging shutters,
as it were
(guards who very reluctantly show you in; that way, making mystery into triumph)

A joke in french, funnier than it was in english.
A pun in mud where a sparrow stepped gingerly in her triangular high heels.

©2017 Catherine Weaver All rights reserved